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How Sara Decided to Start Recording Veterans

Watch this video to find out how a girl from small town, Boone, Iowa decided to dedicate her life to telling the stories of Iowa's veterans through video production. 

Armistice Day & Veteran's Day 100th Anniversary

As we honor the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day we take a moment to honor a few of our veterans who are also over the age of 100. 

We Tell Veteran's Stories

Every generation has their call to service. For some it was hearing that Pearl Harbor had been bombed, for others it was the day the twin towers and the pentagon were attacked. There are countless other reasons for what lead our brave men and women to serve. As I meet and interview veterans, I realize that the call to service is a common theme among them.

Our Mission


Sharing Stories of Service

Our mission is to help preserve our nation's history through the stories of our hometown heroes through veteran interviews. We empower Iowa's youth to participate in the video production and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We all work together to capture these stories before they are lost with the veterans who carry them. 

Here at The Iowa Veterans’ Perspective Charitable Foundation we understand what it is to be a veteran and want to share that with people.  Veterans walk beside us, some we know, some we don’t. In Iowa alone, there are more than 240,000 veterans. These hometown heroes fought in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq — some are still fighting overseas right now. Each and every veteran has a story to share. Their stories tell us more than a history book ever could. Their experiences can deepen our understanding of war. Accounts that show us a period of time we have not lived.  

Vietnam Veteran Montage

Here is a video I created for the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum. I love the description of the relationship between pilots and ground troops. I also think this compilation really shows what some of them still go through while telling their story. This was one of the first Vietnam videos I did, but it is still one of the most powerful to me. Now I would like to share these stories with you.

For Veterans

How to share your story

We are an avenue for sharing stories you’ve kept to yourself. 


We are a way for you to share some of your history with others. We are a cathartic outlet, encouraging you to talk about some of what you try to forget — even if it’s what you need to remember.   

We encourage all Iowa veterans to share their story. 

No matter your age, no matter your rank, no matter how you were called to serve. Your stories of service matter.   

If you are an Iowa veteran or know an Iowa veteran who wants to share their story, contact us. We’ll get in touch to set up a video interview in your space, in your hometown FREE of charge. Our interviewer will talk with you for an hour or two and create a video account from the footage. All video interviews are uploaded to the Veteran’s Perspective YouTube page and made available for your viewing, your friends’ and family’s viewing, and the general public’s. All Iowa veterans who share their stories of service also receive a DVD of their interview, to keep and to pass along to family for generations. Contact us to set up an interview or to learn more.   

Invite us to speak to your group

Whether its a VFW, Legion Hall or a group of battle buddies having morning coffee, let me come and tell your group about the project. We can explain how the process works and what to expect before, during and after the interview.


For Schools

Classroom Visits and Online Videos

Classroom Visits and Online Videos
Are you teaching a course on U.S. military history? Do you want y

We are a resource for deeper learning. History books go only so far. We can learn so much more by listening to others and their experiences — and gain deeper meaning from doing so.    

Conduct Your Own Interviews


If you have students who are interested in conducting their own interviews, we can help. Just let us know what generation or subject you are wanting to cover, we  will take care of the rest. 

For Family and Friends of Veterans

We are a keepsake of your loved one’s past. We are a channel for their stories — some you’ve heard, others you haven’t. We are a way to honor their service and their life, for generations to come.