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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and share more stories. Your generous donation will fund our mission. 

Any donation no matter how big or small can help us achieve our goals. 100% of donations go towards interviewing veterans and educating the public about veteran specific issues. Veterans' Perspective staff does not collect a salary. Our success is made possible through local volunteers and donations. Here is what your donations can do!

$50 - Help us fill up our gas tank. Smaller donations are always appreciated! It helps us keep the wheels moving, literally. Traveling all over the state takes a lot of fuel. 

$250 - Help the community learn more about veterans. We often do speaking engagements. Although we do not charge a fee to the groups we present to, we do still accept donations to help cover our costs to be able to provide this service. 

$500 - Sponsor a full veteran interview. This amount pays for the approximate 40 hours it takes to conduct, process and edit one veteran interview. 

$5,000 - Sponsor a veteran interview event (10 interviews). These types of donations host a full day of veteran interviews. We host 10 veterans, 5 students and 5 videographers to conduct the interviews. This day long event draws a lot of attention from the community and is an opportunity to gather together to celebrate your veterans. 

$35,000 - Hire Sara an assistant! No one at Veterans' Perspective receives a salary. All donations and grant money is earmarked for actually conducting interviews. However, you could help Veterans' Perspective grow exponentially by being willing to cover administrative fees! Many grants do not cover this much needed help and nonprofit owners are run ragged. Managing a nonprofit takes a lot of time and energy. Between paperwork, grant requests, taxes, bill paying and keeping the schedule of interviews flowing. We can usually interview 1 to 2 veterans a week. Having an assistant would mean that we could focus even more time and energy on actually interviewing veterans. 

You can send donations via check to:

 Veterans Perspective Donations 

8848 NW Beaver Drive, Johnston Ia 50131 

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