Meet Sara

Her Service


Sara Maniscalco Robinson is the founder of Veterans’ Perspective. With more than 20 years of service to the Iowa National Guard as a public affairs Soldier, Sara has interviewed and shared the stories of countless military members. 

She has deployed twice which gives her the right background to connect with different types of veterans. Her approach at conducting interviews is ideal for talking to veterans about their experiences in a respectful and educated way. 

She has degrees in Natural Resource Management and Entomology, from Iowa State University, and is happy to still call Iowa her home.   

Why Veterans' Perspective?


Veterans' Perspective has existed in many forms over the years. Sara conducted interviews for the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum for the Iowa Veterans Oral History Project. She has volunteered to interview veterans from all over the state and even used family vacation time to interview Iowa's Veterans who live in other parts of the country. 

One part was always missing though. The interviews were not getting to the people who needed them the most. Our next generation. Now Sara is dedicating her time to ensuring that these interviews can be used to teach. She is using technology to reach a broader audience. By using social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube, veterans' stories can now reach a global audience.